Testimonials of Satisfied Patients

Divyanshu Pathak, Colonelganj, Gonda

I was suffering with migraine since more than 6 months, Dr Amar Singh of Balrampur has referred me to Dr Ravi clinic. I had the daily migraine attack typically for 20 minutes and disappeared suddenly, allopathic medicines have no effect , even one allopathic physician has said that I m hysterical. I have left my studies due to pain With the treatment of Dr Ravi my duration and intensity of headache has decreased day by day and now I am free from headache. I am doing my regular studies , thanks to Dr Ravi sir for saving my future..


Nisha , Mautipuram , Lucknow

I was suffering with severe headache since many days. Dr Ravi has given me homeopathic medicines which worked very fast .

Sapna Bhattacharya, Lucknow

Yes it was very good experience. My pimples are all most clear. I am very happy for my acne and pimple treatment. Thanku

Email: dreambhattacharya@gmail.com

Fahmida Khatoon, Utraula,

I have approached Dr Ravi for my sciatica trouble since long , I had tingling and numbness in my leg and walking was very difficult. One of my relative has referred me to Dr Ravi for sciatica, now I am more than 90 % relieved. My treatment is continued…


Sushmita Singh New Delhi

I am totally satisfied with the medical treatment given by DR. Ravi. Best doctor in homeopathy I would suggest to anyone.


Navneet Pathak, Sahdullanagar

I was showing to my wife to Dr Singh for her skin complaint which was since more than a year , she was in very bad condition in fact as I have shown her to many dermatologist , they have given many ointment but all with no effect. Dr Singh has given her homeopathic treatment and that worked very fast against the myth that homeopathy is slow. I am also consulting him for my child’s skin problem and he is also getting cured.


Vandana singh, Chinhut

I was in very bad condition due to misdiagnosed as tuberculosis , my health was deteriorating day by day. I was bleeding from lung almost daily I have find Dr Ravi by google and started homeopathic treatment. Bleeding stopped in first month and gained our health. I thank him from bottom of my heart and recommend him for homeopathic treatment.

Email: vandanasinghlic@gmail.com

Asha Lata , Pehar Bazar, utraula

I was suffering with headache since more than 4 years. I have been cured by treatment of Dr Ravi , thanks sir for your fast treatment


Ram Uggar, Bahraich

I was suffering with severe problem in respiration. With the treatment of Dr Ravi I am feeling much better. He is very nice doctor.


Ram Kishor Yadav, Balrampur

I was suffering with corn on feet since 7-8 months and they were very painful. Just in one and half month my corn has been cured by homeopathy. Dr Ravi has not given any thing to apply , just small sweet pills worked like miracle. My case is present at his website. Today my mother is consulting him


Neelum Maurya,Itai Maidapur, Bajaj sugar Mill

I have came to Dr Ravi clinic for my cyst near the eye which was since more than 2 years.Dr Ravi has cured that without surgery with homeopathy. My case is at his website. After one year I have again contacted him for urticaria and digestive troubles and I am very fine in very short time. I would like to recommend Dr Ravi and homeopathy for cure.

Janki Jaisawal Pipri

I am feeling good for my migraine headache. I was in very much trouble before the treatment of Dr Ravi , I m a getting relief day by day.

Maisar Harraiya

My hair has fallen off in spots since more than 6 months, one lady has refereed me to Dr Ravi and my hair has grown back. I am very greatful to sir.

Mo.+91 9792732588

Rinki Modanwal Balrampur

I was suffering with migraine since 11 years, I have tried all pathy and many doctors, but ultimately Dr Ravi,s treatment has cured me. During attacks my children were to sleep hungry as I was unable even to stand. Thanks Dr Ravi sir for giving my family life back. My children will always be grateful to you sir.

Mo.+91 9792732588

Anoop Kumar Yadav, Ambedkarnagar

I have been treated by many doctors for my pimples and they were diagnosing me as acne, Dr Ravi first time rightly diagnosed this as molluscum contagiosum , I am under his treatment and getting fast relief.


Rahul Saini

My name is rahul saini. I am a businessman as well as part time student. I have a shoulder dislocatio problem. Dr Ravi is treating me very well in his clinic from his classical homeopathic treatment! And its really helping me out! And I also recommend everyone!! Thanks

Email: raulsainz1112@gmail.com

Gudia Pipri,Tulsipur

I was suffering with face warts since 4 years, I became socially aloof due to this warts. Dr m l shah of tulsipur has referred me to him With the treatment of Dr Ravi my ways started disappearing in just one week and been cured in 2 months. My face is 100 % clear now ( my case is present at his website) Thanks sir.

Email: raulsainz1112@gmail.com

Ghanshyam Gupta, Basti

My problem was diagnosed correctly. My experience is very good for my treatment. Yes Doctor was polite. Hence I recommend Dr Ravi.

Email: dghanshyamggupta@gmail.com, Mo.+918934961298

Asha Verma Fatehpur, Barabanki

My problem was diagnosed correctly. I am under treatment of Dr Ravi since many months. I was suffering with severe pain of sciatica and even was unable to move. He has not only relieved my sciatica but my chronic migraine was also relieved.

Wasi, Balrampur

I am getting relief of my migraine problem. Doctor Ravi is very gentle and cooperative . I am recommending for his services


Shashi, Ashiyana, Lucknow

I have visited Dr Ravi clinic for my chloasma which was since 15 years and he has treated me without any ointment ( I have used n no of before visiting him without any effect). Now my skin is almost normal.

Nisha Maurya Marutipuram, Lucknow

I am very much satisfied with my treatment , I was crying with pain when I have came to Dr Ravi clinic first time. He has plucked my hair and put that is some medicinal solution and my pain subsided very soon. Now I am doing my job free from any trouble.

Sarju Ram , Pipra, Balrampur

My relative a patient of Dr Ravi Janki Jausawal has referred me to sir for my eczema of 10 years and I am amazed with result in just 28 days, best part is he has not given me any tube for application…


Kashi Ram , Gaindas Bujurg, Utraula

My sour eructation has been cure, body pain also reduced, I m getting relief in my irritable bowel syndrome , I was suffering since 5 years…


Ajay Kumar Gupta ,Biskohar Bazar

My ankylosing spondylitis is much better after homeopathic treatment of Dr Ravi , in day time now I have no pain, I was suffering since more than 18 years.

Email: ajayguptatvs@gmail.com ,Mo.+918542947356

Masuood Akhtar ,Balrampur

My Son Masuood was suffering with eruptions on head and he used to scratch his head like anything. Homeopathic treatment of Dr Ravi has worked very well , child and I am very happy with treatment. Dr Ravi treatment is felt like personal care.


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