Testimonials of Satisfied Patients

Rahul Dewal Lucknow

My year long depression was successfully cured by Dr. Ravi within a week. I am extremely grateful to him for giving me a new life. His drug transmission through hair is magical and very effective way of treatment. i would suggest his visit to every sick person.

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Rupali Agarwal Lucknow

The doctor provides treatment through a revolutionary homoeopathic system of hair drug transfer. I am undergoing treatment since the last 3 months and am satisfied.

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Raman Kumar Bangla Bazar

I was suffering with gastric problem, headache due to gas since more than 6 months, with treatment of Dr.Ravi and his unique drug transmission by hair technique has worked well for me. Even after one year of stopping of his treatment I am fine. I recommend him as a good doctor. Thanks

Email:raman1001@gmail.com, Mob:+917860736

Ruby Khatoon

I was in depression as acne was growing day by day to my face. Every morning when I wake up and see my face in mirror that makes me sad for whole day. One of my relative has referred me to his Balrampur clinic, my more than 80 % spots vanished and now I am so happy. Dr. is very nice and gentle. Hope my spots which are also reduced considerably will go.

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Rita Mishra Maholi Sitapur

Unique process of treatment is admirable. I am fully satisfied with dr.Ravi .he should be awarded.thanks very much

Email:kuldeep_mishra@rediffmail.com, Mob:+919453893

Narmada Rai Hoshangabad M.P.

I am now pretty happy having well treated by sir Dr.ravi Singh ,g .... I don't know how should I thanks to sir he has changed my life...

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Praniti Bhadauria New Delhi

He is a very positive person and imbibes the same in his patients. He treats his patients with a lot of patience and humility. Gives ample amount of time to each individual. He has definitely made me think positive aspect of life.

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Shivraj Singh Rautela Noida

I am suffering from GERD and IBS from 2 year.Recetally went to Lucknow and started treatment from Dr Ravi .He given me ample amount of time and analyzed my case.He is Friendly in nature,calm and caring. Good approach to diagnosis. Different way of treatment i.e. drug transmission through hair. overall doctor is a good human being and understand your pain.

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Muni Ji New Delhi

With God grace I have been cured by Ravij treatment. His miraculous way of treatment by hair drug transmission has amazed me many times. When ever I have got pain I have called over phone Raviji has changed my medicine from his centre and I got relief on same or next day. With gratitude I am praying for Dr Raviji God bless him with all name and fame Raviji ko..once again heartiest gratitude...With Infinite duaaas.. from muniji Sufi..New Delhi

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Seema Singh Ajabnagar

It was a very bad pain in my abdomen which latter on diagnosed as Kidney stone of 8.7 mm, pain killers were also not giving relief. Earlier Dr Ravi has cured my personal problems and my daughter's years long headache , so I have opted homeopathy instead of surgery, and from next day I got relief. My ultrasound of today 08/10/2016 compared to 27/09/16 is showing no stone. This is just miracle to me. I am very happy.

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