Medicine Energy

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Benefits of medicine energy transmission

  • It’s a hassle free process. No oral medicine is given to the patient so you do not need to worry about taking medicine daily nor having oral medication making you feel sick.
  • Distance is no barrier for the patients. You can be anywhere in the world and this method of medication will work.
  • Changing medicine is very easy and the new medication effects are reflected right away.
  • In case of any aggravation, simply removing the hair from vial will work, you don’t need to take any antidote.
  • It is a continuous process. The patient is receiving the medication 24x7 as long as the patient’s hair is placed in the remedy solution.
  • It is the quickest method of treatment and the effects are seen very fast.
  • Since there is no oral intake of medicine, this method can be used in religious fasting like Vrat and Ramjan without breaking or hurting the religious sentiments of the patient.

Watch these Videos for a better understanding of how Medicine Energy transmission works


English (Recorded Session of Dr. Ravi's Talk in Russia)

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