Testimonials of Satisfied Patients

Takweem Khan (Dhaka Bangladesh)

My condition of seborrheic dermatitis is very good. your medicine worked really well. ya i have speech problem but i think it has decrease a lot.


Dr. Himanshu Dwivedi (Balrampur)

Over the past three years I have found Dr. Ravi’s support has helped me greatly in meeting health and life challenges. His profound intuition and extensive practical experience are applied with crystal clarity and deep compassion. Dr. Ravi’s skills as a Classical Homeopath to deeply listen and the ability to articulate what the patient is feeling and experiencing makes him an exceptional Homeopath. You are in good hands with Dr. Ravi. The difference to ‘me’, my ‘wife’ and my ‘father in law’ have been phenomenal after starting his homeopathic treatment through hair transmission. It’s absolutely fantastic. I can’t believe the difference in my health since I’ve been coming to Dr. Ravi. It’s just incredible to me. I don’t have to think about my health anymore.

Email:himanshu.bsip@.com Mob:91+9450515895

Akmal Husain -Montreal- Canada

I suffered from severe fungal infections in two legs since 1978. Doctors in Bangladesh, India, U.K., and Canada treated me with allopathy medicines for last 36 years. But there had been no results or cure. In 2013, I happened to see the website of Dr Ravi Singh, MD ( India ), a multidisciplinary specialist in Homeopathy. I called Dr Singh and gave my e-mail address. He sent a questionnaire form to fill out with every detail of past and present history. I filed out the questionnaire form and sent back to him. He asked me to send my hairs which I sent by physical postal mail. He has been treating me through the application of medicine in my hair sent to him ( DISTANT TRANSMISSION ) and my fungal infections are going away. I have been using nothing physically. That DISTANT TRANSMISSION of medicine through my hairs in his possession has curing my life-partner like fungal infections. About 75% of the infection have gone away.

Email:akmal.hs44@yahoo.com Mob:+1-302-357-3644

Dr.Jitendra Singh ChauhanRtd Professor M.L.K.P.G. College Balrampur

I was suffering with severe spondylitis , even I was not been able to move my hand.I had undergone 6 months allopathic treatment with no response.Then I have taken treatment from Dr.Ravi and has been fully cured under his treatment, My wife has also been cured by His able hand for her Fungal nail, hence I recommend this young dynamic homeopath.


Ruchi Pal, Lucknow

I’m very pleased to give feedback here all my pleasure goes to Dr. Ravi singh !! I was very tensed when came to the clinic and was getting so much pain in my both heels and ring warm as well but now within 3 months after taking treatment of Homeopathy I’m now fully got cured now doing all the work without heels pain even walked through It was my very bad time when heels pain starts then too much irritation happens in the body with the thoughts that how I’ll go to the office even 100 Mtr. walks was tough for me but now I’m superb excited for praising this clinic is the best world’s classic homeopathy I ever experienced it . Thank you so much Dr. Ravi singh (a special thanks) .

Email:palsuresh16@gmail.com Mob:+91-7275087584

Vinay Prasad Pandey, Bastar, Chattisgarh

I was suffering with severe twitching of eyes and spasm since 28/03/2012, I have gone to many eye specialists and centres all over India without any relief, one eye surgeon from Hyderabad has said to me to visit neurologist and neurologist start giving me Botox injections , but that was also with little relief. One of my relative told me about Dr Ravi of Lucknow and I can to his clinic from Bastar, Chattisgarh. I was started getting relief from his treatment in first month only and he is now been cured fully. My son Rajat Pandey has also been cured by sir for his allergies and sinusitis. I am recommending for his service.


Dr. Alok Shukla Dept. of Physics M.L.K. P.G. College Balrampur

I have been cured of my troubles many times by Dr.Ravi ,his method of hair drug transmission is absolutely fantastic. I have even felt effect of medicine within minute.My Mother Was suffering with severe back pain ( Sciatica) even she was unable to stand erct, now she is walking for 2 Km after treatment by Dr.Ravi.

Email: dr.alokmlk@gmail.com Mob:+91-9453314955

Krishna Verma Agra

Dr Ravi is very kind and genuine in nature and also a best doctor to cure all ailments . I take the treatment for jaundice and get very positive results with no diet restrictions and with only single remedy medicine also hair fall problem of my sister is cured in a little time .Thanks for your immense support

Email: krishna.verma180@gmail.com

Anurag Yadav Orai

Before consulting to sir , I m suffering from hypertension anxiety acne and constipation, During my first course interval I feel approximately 80% cured from anxiety hypertension and after 2 interval that is within 2 months I am totally cured from my basic disease and rapidly feeling improvement in my acne and hair fall Thanks to Sir Dr Ravi Singh for his help and support.It is a great experience for me.

Email: anuragyadav030@gmail.com Mob:+91-9917493589

Ramesh Fulwariya

I am living near Chinimill Balrampur and white spots were at my leg and face. I am under treatment of sir and cured by homeopathy, thank u sir.


Anurag Sharma Ghaziabad

Dr. Ravi’s method of treatment is the most effective and unique. My health issues got resolved in a very short span of time. Most people think that homeopathic treatment is slow. But after taking treatment from Dr. Ravi, I think no other treatment in this world can match the speed. His treatment is like taking an insurance policy, the difference is that your health is recovered quickly and without using any harmful allopathic medicines. I thank Dr. Ravi and wish him good luck in helping people by his unique treatment..


Pradeep Gupta Rehra Bazar

My mother was suffering with severe skin disease since many years, we have treated her from Faizabad, Gonda and other places with allopathy, but all in vain, then our local physician Dr.Mukesh Singh ji has recommened us to Dr.Ravi Singh and my mother got cured.I and my brother Sunil Kumar was also suffering with skin priblem ( daad) since long, Dr.Ravi Sir cured all of us. Thanks to you Sir


Sushil Verma , Rehra Bazar

My son Sushil and Sunil has been cured of their skin diseases by homeopathy by Dr Ravi hence I also thought of trying homeopathy for
my skin trouble and I got relief.


Arham Shaikh Marutipuram

Dr Ravi is my family physician, my wife sciatica , my daughter’s eczema and molluscum contagiosum has been cured by him. My eldest son suffered from a medical disorder suddenly called Gullain baaree syndrome. His body paralysed and we rushed from Azamgarh to Sahara Hospital Lucknow in emergency , his treatment started but that caused the reaction, I have approached Dr Ravi with hair of patient , he has started his treatment and now my child is doing cycling. Thanks a lot Dr Ravi Sir ..

Email:ghanimghufran786@gmail.com ,Mo.+919839344786

Lata Singh , Sultanpur

My relative has reffered me to visit Doctor Ravi of lucknow.My kidney stone has been cured by doctor , my acidity and vomiting problem has also been cured. I am very happy with treatment .

Ayush Sahu Haidargadh Barabanki

My son was suffering with a rare skin disease as doctor told me called ichtyosis. He is getting treatment from Dr Ravi sir and almost cured in very short time..


Vakash Mahboob,Gokarkhpur

Sir u are the best doctor of my life. Many types ofcases of my skin I was suffering from ringworm and chicken pox .now it is comleatly remove in one month medicine I am very thankful to him. N U r great and my best super doc.

Email: faisalvakash@gmail.com ,Mo.+918931801006

M.L.Sonkar, Kannauj

I have visited to Dr Ravi for the treatment of my father having vertigo, e was diagnosed case of cholestatoma ,
he has treated him and good results.

Email: subhash467gungun@gmail.com, MO.+919565772010

Shaurya Kumar, faizabad

I have came here in this clinic of dr Ravi Singh for the complete treatment of my disease. The results are good and I m till now regularly coming to this clinic. In future i hope this disease will completely cure by Dr Ravi Singh.

Email: srbh600@rediffmail.com, MO.+918563940722

Raj Kumar Patwa, Gainsari

I have approached Dr Ravi for my eye trouble, itching and redness , I am feeling better not only in eye trouble but in flatulence and digestive trouble.

Email: patwa0326@gmail.com, Mo.+919918841191

Babita Rani, Bahraich

I have consulted Dr Ravi for homeopathic treatment of knee pain,he is very nice doctor , I am getting relief of my complaints.


Maneesh Kumar Kerla

Experience was very good. Doctor tries to to know the complete history which helps in complete cure. I can see progress in my disease..

Email: maneeshmg100@gmail.com,MO.+917619925376

Abhishek Singh , Balrampur

My son Asthma has been cured by the treatment of Dr Ravi sir, in every summer he was in breathing difficulty now he is very fine. Krishna Pal Singh


Vihaan srivastav Lucknow

I has visited to Dr Ravi for my kid for his skin disease he was almost cured and we left treatment in between , today I have again approached him for the problem , hope for the better soon…

Email: vk.srivastava@gmail.com,Mo.+919919886008

Sunita Devi, Gokaran Shivala Balrampur

My wife was suffering with swelling at the neck and fever. Doctor said that this is cervical tuberculosis, she has tension at neck and fever. Dr Ravi is treating her and she is getting free from her pain.


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