Testimonials of Satisfied Patients

Ayesha, Pehar Bazar

My daughter is getting cured of her white spots. I was much disappointed before coming to Dr Ravi as these spots were increasing day by day. Her face becomes clear in first month , other body spots are also decreasing. I am so greatful


Sangeeta , Gendsa, Gaindas Bujurg, Utraula

Since many years I was suffering with vomiting and headache, I have been to many doctors of Lucknow and Mumbai , my brother Vilas Yadav was under treatment with Dr Ravi Singh and got cured, he said for trying homeopathy at least once and his words were God gift for me , I never felt so good of my headache since last many years. I am very happy with his treatment. God bless you sir.


Gaurav Shukla, Sitapur

I feel much better than before… I was suffering from hair loss near about 08 years.. When I came here hair fall is 100-120 per day. At present stopped hair fall. Within one month relief in wart also.

Email:gauravshukla2020@gmail.com, MO.+919452053545

Satyaveer Singh, Lucknow

I was IMG_1017suffering with laziness ,loss of interest in work,increased heartbeat, blackout etc .I am working as an accountant with much work load. Doctors said this is all due to hypothyroidism , my thyroid level becomes normal in just one month of homeopathic treatment, I am almost fine with the treatment of Dr Ravi.


Annpurna Singh, Bakshi Ka talab, Lucknow

Feeling better within month Comfortable with his behaviour One of the most familiar doctor I have ever met and Jars hat ke


Pankaj Prajapati, Sonbhadra

I was suffering with severe depression since one year with skin trouble.
My depression has been cured completely , skin condition is also better.I am satifaid.


Ved Prakash, Jankinagar

My 2 year old son was bleeding during stool. He developed piles due to his condition. His stool was with mucus and become very week due to bleeding and frequent stool. My child is very well in just 15 days.


Shravan Kumar

My hand had many eruptions and local doctors were unable to diagnose that Dr .Ravi has diagnosed that as Pompylex and cured with homeopathic treatment.


Kamla Gopalpur

My skin problem is getting cured with homeopathic medicine of Dr Sahab. I am very greatful to him. He is very nice doctor.

Pawan Kumar Roopani Kota

Overall experience was excellent
Classical homeopathy is always breakthrough for any acute or chronic diseases.

Email: capawanroopani@gmail.com, Mo.+919785713326

Rekha Singh, Ravindra Singh Ambedkarnagar

My sciatica is getting better in first month of treatment. My wife is also feeling good after treatment. Doctor is very cooperative in natu.

Email:ravindrapratapsingh80@gmail.com, Mo.+919839528241

Navodit Yadav Balrampur

I was suffering with face warts since more than 3 years, I have been to Ayurvedic and homeopathic doctors but not get cured, in 3rd month of treatment from Dr Ravi my warts disappeared. Thanks sir for help.

Email:yadavnav26@gmail.com, Mo.+917272830887

Rabia Siddharthnagar

My skin disease has made my life as hell, doctors told me that this is psoriasis but no relief in complaints , my skin was peeling off and itching caused me sleepless nights. I came to Dr Ravi in December and now 3rd June my all complaints gone. Its like Dr has given me new life. Thanks Dr Ravi Allah will bless you.


Nidhi Verma, Lucknow

Experience was good. Homeopathic Treatment takes
time but its good.Doctor is able to diagnose the problem correctly.

Email Address :vermanidhi152@gmail.com

Meemansa Tripathi

It was good.I am know much better.I really thank the doctor for
helping me curing my illness or disease.I am very thankful to him…

Email Address:meemansatripathi@gmail.com

Vishal Singh

I am cured of my piles problem by 95 % in first month........

Email Address:mevishal2@gmail.com

Pawni Srivastav

It was a great experience ! I had a problem of eczema since 4 years and I was consulted many doctors but it was all in vain!they too tried hard for this but no result came but after consulted to Dr.Ravi Sir I think I would be able to overcome this problem. so this is all I can say about and I would recommend this to my most of my relatives.

Abhiyansh Patwa

My son was suffering with fistula and pus discharging pus. He has been operated for fistula but not had been cured. When it reappeared we have visited to Dr Ravi and my son has been cured within 2 months. Thanks a lot , now Dr Ravi is our family physician . Sunil Kumar Patwa

Utkarsh Mishra

My brother Ashish Mishra was living at Delhi and was ill for more than one and half year. We have wasted about one and half lacs of rupees for his jaundice and liver trouble. Our local doctor Ram Bodh Verma has referred to Dr Ravi sir and he has been cured in just few month . Now he is studying at Delhi . Today I have came for my treatment of headache and hope for better.

Saraswati Singh, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

The experience related to treatment has been excellent. Dr. Singh has good understanding about the problem and their treatment. I admire his technology usage in treatment. This is really rare in practitioners. I receive information regarding my appointment through SMS and email promptly. The Hair Transmission Technique used by Dr. Singh is really unique and mesmerising.

Poonam Singh, Jaunpur

Migraine had made my life like hell, I was suffering since 3-4 years, I was been under treatment by neurophysician but no effect, I was relieved within first month and remain free from headache since then. Thanks a lot sir for your help.

Email Address:aaa.ppmd@gmail.com

Sunil Kumar Yadav, Ghazipur

I was suffering with aspiration pneumonia as diagnosed by allopathic physician and was suffering since January 2015 , I have came to Dr Ravi clinic on 31/05/2015 and got well withing month by homeopathic treatment. Today after one year there is no recurrence after one-year, today I have come to him for headache, hope it will be fine soon…. Thanks

Email Address:sunil.kumarl1591@gmail.com, Mo.+919919298978

Nida Jafar Balrampur

I was troubled with red bumps on my arm and body. Dr.Ravi has told me it’s called urticaria, he has nicely cured me with his medication, I have suffered in between many times but with his hair transmission techniques he has cured me without any extra medicine.

Mehjabeen, Puraniya , Balrampur

Dr Ravi is my family physician and he has cured my acne, hair fall and personal problems. I am very happy with treatment. My cousin’s urticaria has also been cured by him.

Hari Om Shukla, Hariharganj

My white spots has been cured by the homeopathic treatment of Dr.Ravi Singh sir, I am so grateful to him as I was much worried about the social stigma associated with this disorder.


Hina Khatoon, Balrampur, Psoriasis

My crack of finger is cured so nicely. I had difficulty in my household work since long. Homeopathic treatment of this doctor helped me.

Gayatri Srivastav, Indiranagar,Lucknow, Tuberculomaof Brain

Best response from the doctor side and I am extremely satisfied with the following treatment.i am very thankful to the doctor and all the staff members for their attention.

Mohd Mobin,Shaktinagar, Sonbhadra , Osteoarthritis

I was suffering from knee pain and shoulder badly . I was informed by one of my best friend about Dr. Ravi sandy. I contact him on 5.6.2016. today is 17.7.2016 it is unbelievable that I in such a short time now I am able move on stairs and getting shoulders move to back.

Email Address :mmobin57@gmail.com Mo.+918765024950,+918004945523

Nidhi Maurya, Gomtinagar, Lucknow

I m satisfied with the treatment and would like to continue for all my problems n m getting the required n satisfactory results…..m glad n happy with the treatmentI m satisfied with the treatment and would like to continue for all my problems n m getting the required n satisfactory results…..m glad n happy with the treatment.

Raju Sharma, Balrampur

Since one year I was suffering with skin trouble. Applied many ointments including Candiforece, livocitrizine , canditrol etc which were giving only temporary relief. Even Tacomax fort had no effect, I am compounder to a Doctor, and was also suffering with fungal infection.we were financially become poor due to this disease. With Dr.Ravi treatment we both husband and wife are very much satisfied and almost cured. My husband has referred him many patients with good results.


Pawni Srivastav , Jankipuram, Lucknow

It was a great experience ! I had a problem of eczema since 4 years and I was consulted many doctors but it was all in vain!they too tried hard for this but no result came but after consulted to Dr.Ravi Sir I think I would be able to overcome this problem.so this is all I can say about and I would recommend this to my most of my relatives..

Mobile No. :+919005429097 Email Address :shishir.vastav@gmail.com

Parveen Shah, Tulsipur

Treatment is very good here.. my problem of skin is solved.. Here dr. listen problems very carefully. I have a very good experience here..

Mob No 9919611919

Renu Patwa, Balrampur- Hypothyroidism

My thyroid problem has been cured by homeopathy, doctors has advised me for lifetime medication.My urticaria and gastric complaints has also been cured by sir, I am very happy with treatment.Dr.Ravi Sir is my family physician.


Hayatunnisha, Mathura Bazar , Polycystic Ovarian Disease

My headache was since childhood, and I was so used to about that. I have came to Dr Ravi for my ovarian cyst, with his medication my ovarian cyst disappeared in next ultrasound, I am free from backache and migraine. I am recommending this doctor and very happy.

Uma Devi, Acid Peptic Disorder

My very chronic constipation and acidity has been cured by this young doctor. I am very happy with treatment and my son is also visiting him for his treatment. My blessings are with him

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