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Enthusiastic and insightful about homeopathy, Dr Ravi is one of the most famous personalities in today’s homeopathic world. Dr Ravi practices classical homeopathy in Lucknow, India. He is a promising teacher for students all over the world.

Dr Ravi is enriched with 16 years of vibrant experience, quality and proficiency in treating several diseases with the help of world class methods,latest medications for effective cure of diseases with no side effects.

He has studied B.H.M.S. from Foster Developments Homeopathic Medical College, Aurangabad, soon after he completed his M.D. in Homeopathy from Sri Sai Nath P.G. Institute of Homeopathy, Allahabad.

Dr Ravi – a prominent teacher:

• His benchmarks are:
• His capability to bring a similar association of his subject with the life, supernatural, physics and human philosophy,
• His ability to have steady and impulsive hilarious dialogues and conversations with members at his seminars,
• His ability to fascinate his participant’s attention,
• His 16 year experienced method of making homeopathic model come to life

All the above points turn his seminars and lectures lively, sparkling and simple for students. His biggest quality is his ability to take every member along with him bit by bit, supporting them to open up and generously ask him anything they have in their mind.

Professional Associations:

• Faculty Member G.D. Memorial Homoeopathic Medical College, Patna
• Visiting Lecturer Foster Developments Homoeopathic Medical College Aurangabad, Maharashtra, Sri Sai Nath Post Graduate Institute of Homeopathy, Allahabad and G.D. Memorial Homeopathic Medical college and Hospital Patna.
• Visiting Lecturer Sri Sai Nath Post Graduate Institute of Homoeopathy. Allahabad
• Examiner- B.R.Ambedkar University, Muzaffarpur, Bihar
• Hony. Editor ‘Homoeo Jyotish Nidanam, Trimonthly Journal' from Gorakhpur
• Authorised Trainer To Homeopathic Software “RADAR OPUS” in Uttar Pradesh.
• Authorised Trainer To Homeopathic Software “HOMPATH” in Uttar Pradesh.
• Regular contributor to Various National and International Journals
• He has also presented several research papers in different Homoeopathic conferences and Seminars.
• Dr. Ravi’s website is perhaps the **ONLY WEBSITE IN THE WORLD** where he shares with Homeopathic fraternity the details of case, method of analysis of case, representation charts and reason for prescribing a particular drug.

Innovation is a main development factor needed for any advancement. Innovation and scientific method if clubbed could show the way to research based development. Dr Ravi is sincerely engaged in the innovative research, development of latest medicines, improvising old techniques and evaluating 200 Yrs old database.

Dr Ravi is one of the few physicians in the country who makes use of 50 Millesmial or LM scale of potency. His database presentation (Cured Cases Database: CURED CASES VIDEOS: CURED CASES PHOTOS) is only one of its kind with date wise record and analysis of cases. In his various posts, he sometimes shares his written prescriptions for a particular case. He has patients from all over the world - USA, UAE, Australia, Germany, Ireland, Bangladesh, Nepal, United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, etc.

His exclusive technique of Drug Administration viz Drug Transmission through Hair or Sahni Effect offers health remedies to patients at far-away location.

Although we encourage face to face consultation but if due to any reason patient is unable to visit our centre, here is the online solution. The services of an expert Homeopath will now be available for you at any time and any place that you desire with Dr Ravi. He has an expert panel of doctors available for you to offer quality homeopathic cure and care as this is the mission of the clinic. Raviclinic.com is an online portal for those who wish to seek homeopathic treatment.
Transparency in practice is most important feature of this centre; we are transparent in our policy and results.
We are here to accept the most challenging dermatological cases including psoriasis, lichen plannus, seborroeic dermatitis, Acne, vitiligo, folliculitis decalvans, warts, herpes, eczema, hair loss and alopecia areata, Chronic Urticaria etc.

There is an extensive range of gastrointestinal problems from simple indigestion to complex ulcerative colitis. Complex problems such as hepatitis, cirrhosis, CLD, Malabsorption syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Acid Peptic Disorder, Ulcerative colitis, fissure, fistula and piles etc may require specialised management.
Gynaecological disorders like PCOD, Dysmenorrhoea, Uterine fibroid and Infertility can be treated without any side effects.

Orthopaedic disorders like osteoarthritis, gout, Rheumatoid arthritis, Ganglion at wrist, sciatica or slip disk and spondylitis including ankylosing spondylitis are also treated here. Patients of urogenital like kidney stone, UTI, Chyluria and stricture urethra can also get benefits from homeopathy medicines.
Homeopathy, of course has a large role to play in the area of Neurological disorders such as nerocystisarcosis, brain tumour, epilepsy, migraine and psychosomatic disorders like depression and schizophrenia.
There is a significant research showing the efficacy of homeopathic medicines in the treatment of respiratory allergies including asthma, Interstitial lung diseases like sarcoidosis and some very rare disorder like blephrospasm, cerebrospinal rhinorhea, Haemangioma. The cases related to all such diseases you can find at cured cases section of website.

Patient Testimonials:

"Best response from the doctor side and I am extremely satisfied with the following treatment.i am very thankful to the doctor and all the staff members for their attention.Thanku"

Gayatri Srivastav


I was suffering from knee pain and shoulder badly I was informed by one of my best friend about Dr. Ravi sandy. I contact him on 5.6.2016. today is 17.7.2016 it is unbelievable that I in such a short time now I am able move on stairs and getting shoulders move to back.



Dr Ravi is very kind and genuine in nature and also a best doctor to cure all ailments.I take the treatment for jaundice and get very positive results with no diet restrictions and with only single remedy medicine also hair fall problem of my sister is cured in a little time .Thanks for your immense support.

Krishna Verma

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