Great recovery in case of IBS & Hyperacidity with Homeopathy treatment

Patient Story

Disease : Chronic-IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Last Updated on : 10 Sep 2017

Case Started on : 06 Jan 2017

Mr. Manvendra Singh from Banda district of Uttar Pradesh reported to Dr. Ravi with complaints of IBS and hyperacidity. On being asked how did the problem start, he stated that one an half month ago, he suffered from fever and felt pain in the abdomen area. He complained of hyperacidity, poor digestion, bloating, fullness, constant pain, and heaviness in the abdomen area. He had unsatisfactory stools and frequent urge to pass stools. He complained of poor appetite and feeling fuller even on eating a small amount of meal. He consulted an allopathic doctor in his city. The doctor suggested that it was normal flatulence (gas) and acidity problem. He prescribed some medicine and suggested to take them.

Manvendra knew that his problem was not normal. He was going through a lot of trouble. He would always stay stressed-out. He came to know about Dr. Ravi through one of his friends. He couldn’t believe that medicine transmission through hair is possible or this type of treatment could be effective. He was active on social media. He went through Dr. Ravi's social accounts, saw the video on youtube and went through all the comments. He sourced the contact number of the old patients from the comment section and contacted them all to seek their experience regarding the treatment. After he was convinced with the feedback, he consulted Dr. Ravi. Dr. Ravi studied his case and started the treatment process. After meeting Dr. Ravi, he was very hopeful and believed that he could get rid of this problem.

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After 1 Month and 16 Days

When he came for the follow up on 21st February 2017, he reported that within 15 days of starting the treatment his condition improved. The issues of flatulence, headache, and acidity were reduced. The frequency of passing stool also went back to normal, i.e. once a day. There was 70% improvement in his condition. Before the treatment, he would always feel that felt that his stomach will burst due to the continuous pain but he no longer felt the same. There was relief in the stomach ache, but sometimes the episodes of pain on the left side of his stomach would arise. Dr. Ravi suggested him to have faith and patience and continue the treatment process.

After 1 Month and 25 Days

He came for a follow up on 2nd March 2017, complaining of extreme pain in the lower abdomen area. Dr. Ravi observed that the pain was due to navel displacement. He fixed this problem and suggested him to take a walk and return if burning sensation persists in the stomach. No burning sensation was reported.

After 3 Months and 17 Days

He came for a follow up on 23rd April 2017. The doctor was happy with the speedy recovery. Generally, he would always stay impatient. But after taking Dr. Ravi's treatment he witnessed great improvement. He continued the treatment and got the best results. When he told his father about Dr. Ravi and his treatment process, he did not believe him saying that the type of treatment was far from possible. But Manvendra trusted the treatment because he got rid of IBS which was once outed as incurable by other doctors. He began to take a banana shake for weight gain. Before taking the treatment, he could not drink a banana shake as it would increase the frequency to pass stool. Dr. Ravi continued the treatment for better and full recovery.

After 5 Months and 13 Days

When he came for follow up on 18th June 2017, he reported 99.99% relief in his condition. Burning sensation, acidity, and pain in his abdomen area had subsided. He was totally cured and gained 7 Kg weight. He was happy with his speedy recovery.

After 8 Months and 7 Days

After taking the treatment for a few more months, he came for a follow up on 10th Sep 2017. He finally got rid of the long-term IBS. He was 99.99% cured and happy with the treatment process. Almost, all the doctors he consulted told him that IBS can never be cured and that he would have to rely on medicine forever. He was hopeless and thought that he would never be able to get rid of IBS.
But with the grace of God and Dr. Ravi's medicine transmission process, he is a fit man now. He is thankful to Dr. Ravi for helping him to get rid of this disease which troubled him so much.

A Message from Patient

Best Doctor in the world of Homeopathy, I would like to recommend all the IBS patients to at least consult Dr. Ravi once in life. I have been cured of my disease 99 %, I have lost hope for my life as every good Gastrologist has disappointed me, I have wasted more than 50 K for the test including colonoscopy, endoscopy etc. I am a big fan of his hair transmission technique. Now I have gained my weight from 61.3 to 80.1 Kg. Thanks

Are You Readyto take the first step towards your cure?

Are You Readyto take the first step towards your cure?