Alopecia areata & migraine patient cured without any recurrence

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Disease : Chronic-Alopecia Areata,Chronic-Migraine

Last Updated on : 18 Sep 2016

Case Started on : 13 Aug 2015

A young working girl came to consult Dr. Ravi on August 2015 with complaints of a migraine and bald patches: one in the middle of the head and another one on the left side. She complained of a severe migraine. It would start from the vertex and spread all over. She was depressed, unhappy and complained of bouts of anger. Her major issue was a migraine and that was the only reason for alopecia areata. Considering all the problems., Dr. Ravi started her treatment process.

When she came for a follow-up after 1 month, she complained of excess hair fall; almost 100 strands daily. She was worried about her situation and believed that she would get bald one day. Dr. Ravi consoled her. On being asked about the migraine episodes she reported an improvement in the condition. Before taking the treatment, she would experience episodes of a severe migraine but the intensity of the episodes tapered with the treatment.

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After 1 Month and 29 Days

She came for a follow up on 11th October 2015. She reported an improvement in her migraine episodes. Earlier, she would experience severe migraine episodes that would last for up to 10 days but now the episodes last only for 2 to 3 days and the intensity has also tapered to mild pain and that too because of stress. The migraine episodes showed 40 percent improvement.
Describing her migraine episodes, she told that the pain increases in stress or emotional trauma. On crying, the episodes worsen. Dr. Ravi suggested her to stay positive and avoid any stress or emotional trauma for a better recovery.

After 3 Months and 4 Days

When she came for follow up on 15th Nov 2015, there was an improvement in her migraine episodes. She experienced only 3 to 4 episodes in the month. The doctor noticed her positive attitude towards life. She showed a lot of improvement from the very first day when she met the doctor.
In the appointment, she showed her concern about her increasing possessive attitude towards certain things. Considering all her problems Dr. Ravi made some changes in the treatment process.

After 4 Months and 3 Days

When she came for a follow-up on 14th Dec 2015, there was an improvement in headache episodes. She no longer experienced severe migraine episodes. However, sometimes she would experience a mild headache. Her concern shifted to hair fall. She continued Dr. Ravi's treatment process for a better recovery.

After 5 Months

In her next follow up on 10th Jan 2016, she looked very happy with the treatment. She felt happier and more positive towards life. On asking about her headache, she told that there were no severe migraine episodes.

After 6 Months

When she came for follow up on 9th Feb 2016, she reported no recurrence of severe episodes of a headache. However, she told the doctor that she would experience a mild headache whenever she would be in a stressful condition or in cold weather. There was 90 percent improvement in her condition as compared to what it was when she met the doctor on the very first appointment. She looked positive and had faith that she would get rid of her hair fall problem.

After 7 Months and 25 Days

When she came for follow up on 4th April 2016, she reported that there was one mild migraine episode and that was just because of stress. Dr. Ravi suggested her to avoid mental stress for better recovery.

After 8 Months and 22 Days

She came for a follow-up on 1st May 2016. She was happy with Dr. Ravi's medicine transmission process. There was no migraine episode in that month. She was happy with the treatment. There was an improvement in her hairfall and she continued the treatment process for alopecia areata.

After 1 Year and 9 Days

After successfully dealing with a migraine, the doctor began the treatment of alopecia areata. When she came for a follow-up on 21st August 2016, she seemed happy with the treatment process. There was newly grown hair on the front patch and middle head patch was almost covered with only a small bald patch.

After 1 Year , 1 Month and 7 Days

When she came for a follow-up on 18 Sep 2016, she was really happy and thankful to Dr. Ravi. There were new ingrown hair and the bald spot was totally covered with new hair. She was very happy and positive.

A Message from Patient

A migraine had made my life like hell, I was suffering since 3-4 years, I was been under treatment by neuro physician but no effect, I was relieved within the first month and remain free from a headache since then. Thanks a lot, sir for your help.

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