Patient suffering from seborrhoeic dermatitis since 9 years gets relief with homeopathy

Patient Story

Disease : Chronic-Seborrhoeic Dermatitis

Last Updated on : 17 Sep 2017

Case Started on : 20 Jul 2016

Rohit Rai came from Anpara to consult Dr. Ravi on 20th July 2016 with eruptions all over the scalp and a lot of visible hair fall. He also told that he is suffering from these eruptions on the scalp since 9 years. He had multiple, small, scaly patches on the scalp with greasy & flaky scales. The condition would get worse almost every 3 months and it would appear in a severe form. He consulted dermatologist and he diagnosed his condition as seborrhoeic dermatitis and the medicine he has given was of high power that he faced severe health issues. He was really worried of his condition and sometimes his skin was so oily and there was a lot of itching involved that he have to do shampoo twice. He tried different shampoos and antifungal lotions but than also there was no observed relief. He was constantly losing his hair and this made him more anxious and worried. Considering all his complaints Dr. Ravi started treatment process.

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After 1 Month and 2 Days

On 21st August 2016, he sent some images to Dr. Ravi to inform about his condition. There was no observed improvement seen. His problem of scaly patches, dandruff, greasy and flaky scales was as it is. Dr. Ravi restudied his case and made changes in his treatment.

After 1 Month and 26 Days

On 14th September 2016, he sent some photographs on whatsapp to show his recovery. There was a lot of improvement seen. His scalp was free from scaly patches, red skin and stubborn dandruff. He was also free from flakes and scalp eruptions were minimal. Almost he got cured of seborrheic dermatitis but still he was going through hair fall.

After 3 Months and 26 Days

When he came for follow up on 13th November 2016, he reported improvement in his seborrheic dermatitis. The itching and scaling were better. Almost he got rid of itching, flaky skin and dandruff over the scalp. There was only few eruptions left. He reported that sometimes there is itching on the scalp and suddenly eruptions arises all over. He also complained of excess hair fall. Dr. Ravi made changes in the treatment for better recovery.

After 4 Months and 10 Days

On 27th November 2016, he got shaved his head and sent photos to Dr. Ravi to show his condition. Again the problem arises, there was a lot of eruptions seen. There was improvement in itching but scalp involved rough, dry and red skin. Dr. Ravi suggested to continue treatment for better recovery.

After 1 Year , 1 Month and 29 Days

When he came for follow up on 17th September 2017, he was almost cured from seborrheic dermatitis.There was only few eruptions left. He was happy with the treatment because he faced no hair loss and a lot of hair growth was seen. His hair density on scalp was increased.

He continued treatment for few more months and stopped treatment once he totally got cured without any recurrence seen.

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Doctor, You are a very good doctor and a nice human being as well because you hear your patients and understand their sufferings. I had very much ups and downs during 6 months of initial treatment. I was fed up of taking treatments earlier at various doctors. But ultimately got relief. I came to know earlier that the oral medicine (placebo) was not working. The thing affecting me is medicine transmission so I was not taking those oral pills for long. One of my relatives also taking treatment from here and getting good relief. Rohit Rai

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