Kidney stone, Gall Bladder stone, UTI and medical renal disease cured completely

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Disease : Chronic-Brain Tumour,Chronic-Kidney Stone,Urinary Tract Infection(UTI)

Last Updated on : 14 Mar 2018

Case Started on : 27 Sep 2016

Rajeshwari Tiwari came to consult Dr. Ravi on 27th September 2016. She was diagnosed with brain tumor back in 2013. She also had a history of recurrent kidney stone. She came with complaints of body pain and infection between toes, considering all her problems the treatment process had started.

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After 29 Days

After 1 month, when she came for consultation on 26th October 2016 her infection of the toe was cured. She was suffering from this infection for the past 2 years. The swelling in legs was reduced. She was doing fine with the treatment process and she continued treatment to avoid any recurrence.

After 3 Months and 17 Days

Suddenly she started feeling pain in her abdomen area, when gone for Ultrasound she was diagnosed with two kidney stones 7.4mm and 4.5mm on 27th December 2016. She reported Dr. Ravi and on considering all her problems treatment got started.

After 5 Months and 20 Days

During the treatment of kidney stone discharge, the stone got stuck in the ureter and due to back pressure, her kidneys got affected. She developed a severe UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) and because of which she suffered from high-grade fever. Her condition went critical and she was admitted to a well-known hospital, where she developed an antibiotic-resistant infection. Later on 16th March 2017, she was admitted in Sahara hospital. During the hospitalization period they never contacted Dr. Ravi but one day her son informed Dr. Ravi on call about her critical condition. Dr. Ravi has gone through the case at totality and made the required changes in her medicine transmission. There was an instant recovery in her condition and her antibiotic resistant & UTI got recovered magically. She came back from the grave condition and Doctors at the hospital got surprised, according to them her recovery was not possible at such an instant pace. She was discharged from the hospital on 20 March 2017.

Her son came to consult Dr. Ravi and reported that she was doing fine and for them it was like a miracle that such a severe infection was cured instantly and her kidney stone was discharged within one and a half month.

Later, her treatment was continued and not only her protein leak from kidney ( due to Medical renal disease) got cured, but also no kidney stone was found in the next report. During this period, she developed 7.4 mm Gallbladder stone. Now, they are positive towards Dr. Ravi medicine transmission process and believe that the same way Gallbladder stone will be removed as the kidney stone was removed.

After 1 Year , 5 Months and 18 Days

She was continuously under treatment, her son again reported on call that she was going through loose motions. Dr. Ravi makes the necessary changes and she got relief. She totally got rid of 7.4 mm Gallbladder stone with Dr. Ravi treatment process which is not possible without operation. She came on 14th March 2018 for follow up and reported that she got relief in the loose motions. Dr. Ravi suggested avoiding oily food in order to avoid recurrence of loose motion. There was again infection in her toes. She is under treatment.

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After cure of my Mausi for dreaded CSF Rhinorrhea, I have consulted Dr. Ravi for my mother’s various health issues including a brain tumor, kidney stone, and gallstone. Once she developed fever and in an emergency we rushed to nearby Shekhar Hospital and then to Sahara Hospital, somehow she developed Hospital Acquired Infection leading to the constant fever which was resistant to antibiotics. Then I called Dr.Ravi as an alternative hope, he changed her hair from his clinic and she recovered very fast. She is now also free from the kidney stone. Her protein leakage has also been cured by Dr.Ravi. She is still under his treatment and doing fine Karun Tiwari S/O Rajeshwari Tiwari

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