Complete recovery of severe Migraine with 7 years followup

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Disease : Chronic-Migraine

Last Updated on : 19 Aug 2022

Case Started on : 03 Apr 2015

Divyanshu Pathak reported to Dr. Ravi on April 3, 2015, with the complaint of severe migraine episodes. He told Doctor that from 6 months he is suffering from intense pain for 20 minutes twice a day. Initially, for first 10 minutes, the frequency and intensity of headache is mild but it gets severe for the last 10 minutes. The pain started from both the temples of the forehead and last for 20 minutes. He consulted many doctors but there was no effect of any medicine. The city scan and EEG reports were normal. He had migraine episodes twice a day- once in the morning between 9 am to 11 am and in the evening in between 3 pm to 6 pm.

On asking how it got started, he told that he was suffering from stomach ache which got cured with the treatment of a doctor he consulted and after 15 days, this severe migraine episodes started. During the consultation session with Dr. Ravi, Divyanshu got a severe migraine episode. It was so intense that he was yelling in pain. His father told that his studies are getting affected by this problem. He couldn’t go to school as this severe and unbearable pain can arise at any time. Considering all his problems Dr. Ravi started treatment process and assured that he will be fine with the medication.

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After 29 Days

In his next follow up, there was an improvement in his condition. From twice a day his pain reduced to one time a day and its duration also reduced to 10 minutes. For first 5 minutes the pain is mild and for last 5 minutes, it is severe. The frequency and intensity of headache were same but the duration of migraine episodes got reduced.

After 1 Month and 26 Days

When he came for follow up on May 29, 2015, he was happy with the treatment process. His migraine episodes were now reduced to one time a day for 5 mins and the intensity of pain was mild. But if he studies or read something the duration of migraine episode increases. He goes to school daily but he feels problem in doing homework. Dr. Ravi suggested for an eye test because he complaints of headache while reading.

After 7 Months and 11 Days

After continuous treatment for a couple of months, when he came for follow up on November 10, 2015, he was happy with the treatment process. He totally got rid of unbearable migraine pain which caused him trouble and affected his study. He reported that from 15 days no migraine episode occurred. He started wearing glasses and since then he never faced a problem in reading. Now he is back to his school life, he can concentrate on studies without any trouble. The treatment process continued in order to avoid any further recurrence.

After 9 Months and 18 Days

When he reported on 16th Jan 2016, his father told that from 1 month no migraine episodes occurred, but sometimes he feels like vomiting and there is loss of appetite. Dr. Ravi said that this problem is because of the other medicines he has taken so far. Although he continued treatment for some more months to avoid any further complications.

After 1 Year , 3 Months and 26 Days

On July 27, 2016, patient happily gave us the report that he had not suffered a single attack of migraine in last four months. Dr. Ravi suggested treatment to be continued for 1 more month and then it will be stopped, as he is totally fine. Divyanshu promised that he will do good in school and will concentrate on studies.

After 7 Years , 4 Months and 20 Days

Sometimes a grateful patient returns to a doctors years after the cure. This patient visited at the clinic of Dr Ravi on 19 Aug 2022. He visited along with his relative for her migraine trouble. When asked about his condition he said he got cured and never experience any recurrence of the trouble.

A Message from Patient

I was suffering from a migraine for more than 6 months, Dr. Amar Singh of Balrampur has referred me to Dr. Ravi clinic. I had the daily migraine attack typically for 20 minutes and disappeared suddenly, allopathic medicines have no effect, even one allopathic physician has said that I m hysterical. I have left my studies due to pain With the treatment of Dr. Ravi my duration and intensity of a headache has decreased day by day and now I am free from a headache. I am doing my regular studies, thanks to Dr. Ravi sir for saving my future.

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