Patient was in depression due to IBS got completely cured with homeopathy

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Disease : Chronic-Depression,Chronic-IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Last Updated on : 16 Dec 2020

Case Started on : 20 Dec 2017

Omnath Bhardwaj came from Delhi to consult Dr. Ravi on 20th December 2017, he was suffering from IBS. He reported constipation & burning sensation in stomach, he felt weak and highly depressed. He gets diarrhoea easily. Daily there is urge to pass stool 3 times a day but sometimes he goes for 7 to 8 times. No matter what he eats his body and health was degrading day by day. He consulted many doctors and followed all type of medications but there was no effect seen. No one was understanding his problem. This was making him more depressed because he can’t explain from which condition he was going through. As his all the test reports were normal, no one believes him. Only he knows about the pain, anxiety and depression he was going through. He was so depressed that once he had attempted suicide. But with the grace of God he was safe. His dream is to be an actor and he knows very well that this profession require a lot of hard work. But he can’t focus on his career just because of the problems he is facing due to IBS. Dr. Ravi advised him to be positive towards life and started his treatment process.

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After 2 Months and 26 Days

He sent his video recording as the feedback on 16th March 2018. He reported 70% improvement in problems related to stomach. Still he is having unsatisfactory motion. There was cramp and pain in stomach. He felt loss of appetite, there was no desire to eat food. He reported improvement in his energy level, nervousness and tension. He feels more relaxed now in comparison to his previous condition. He got relief in 50% of his problem. Based on his feedback, Dr. Ravi made changes in the treatment process.

After 8 Months and 11 Days

On 28th August 2018, he contacted on Whatsapp to give follow up and inform about his condition. There was a lot of improvement seen in his condition. He is positive towards life and happy with Dr. Ravi treatment process. Previously, there was a frequent urge to pass stool for at least 7 times but now, he goes only for 2 times. He feel energetic and tension free. His appetite was also improved. Dr. Ravi suggested to continue treatment for better recovery.

After 12 Months and 4 Days

When he came for follow up on 19th December 2018, he was happy and feeling better. He is positive toward life and all the negativity which was part of his life is now gone. He feels energetic and tension free now. He got relief in 80% of his problems. His motions were also normal. With Dr. Ravi treatment process he is able to focus on his career. Initially no one believed and understand his problem and that was the reason for his anxiety and depression. He feels relaxed and self motivated. He is hopeful that he will be cured very soon. He is under treatment for full cure.

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This was very difficult to believe about the mode of treatment. While returning from clinic I was wondering how I will be able to convince the parents, that I had spent the money and in return not received anything to eat. After reaching back to Delhi I have tried to convince My parents with the help of DNA theory. I said to them I know I have not wasted my money. My friends also started making fun of me, I said to them that - let the time pass and witness the results. And as the treatment continued they observed the changes. (Video Transcription)

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Are You Readyto take the first step towards your cure?