Remarkable recovery in long term IBS case with Homeopathy

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Disease : Chronic-IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome),Sinusitis,Headache,Oral Lichen

Last Updated on : 04 Apr 2024

Case Started on : 19 Mar 2017

Syed Jafar visited Dr. Ravi's Lucknow clinic on 19th March 2017, he was suffering from IBS and constipation. He can’t sleep at night and he is awake till late night. He developed fear of death and thinks something bad will happen to him. He used to go to stool 3 to 4 times a day but there was feeling of dissatisfaction. There is stomach cramp, acidity, bloating and a lot of gas formation in lower intestine. When he wakes up there is urge to go for stool and he feels relaxed after defecating. Looking at all his problems Dr. Ravi started medicine transmission process.

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After 28 Days

When he came for follow up on 16th April 2017, he reported that his problems are getting reduced and he is feeling relaxed in just 1 month and for him medicine transmission through hair is working. Doctor assured him that his IBS will be cured.

After 1 Month and 26 Days

When he came for follow up on 14th May 2017, he reported that this month was really stressful for him because of some family problems and official issues but overall his health was not so much affected and this shows effective recovery in his case. There is Cramp in the lower stomach and it continues till he goes for stool. Previously he felt irritated but now he patiently deal with the situations. He is feeling positive and deal problems with positivity.

After 2 Months and 24 Days

When he came for follow up on 11th June 2017, earlier he was really worried for his family as there was trouble with everyone in his family, he acts as a responsible person and tension and anxiety were leading cause for his stomach problems. Doctor advised him to take good care of himself and his family. Now he reported that there is much relief in his condition. When he eats extremely spicy food or there is anxiety there is cramping in his stomach in the morning but otherwise there is no such issue. Earlier there was continuous extreme headache and he used to tie cloth since 5 years in head while sleeping at night because he used to think that in the morning his sinus will increase. He was having sinus problem from very long and he gets cold easily. But from the day treatment process started he got rid of headache and sinus. For the first time he slept without tying cloth over his head and he was totally fine in the morning.

After 3 Months and 22 Days

When he came for follow up on 9th July 2017, his condition was much better. This month due to festival he had eaten so much spicy and fatty food and that’s why there was so much flatulence and there was mouth ulcer. The first thing which comes in his mind when he wakes up in the morning is the problem of stool and he goes to washroom for 3 to 4 times until he feels his stomach is clean. Dr. Ravi suggested to stop thinking so much about his stomach and stool for better recovery and he also does all the necessary changes in the transmission process.

After 4 Months and 27 Days

When he came for follow up on 13th Aug 2017, he is much better in comparison with his previous condition. Although, there are tensions in life but he is trying to deal with it instead of being depressed. There is improvement in his sleep also now he can sleep properly. He is happy with the treatment and thankful to Dr. Ravi for helping him to get rid of IBS, constipation, headache, anxiety and many more problems which used to be a part of his daily life. Now, he feels positive and headache is totally gone.

After 5 Months and 25 Days

When he came for follow up on 10th Sep 2017, there is relief in his anxiety, there are still problems in his family but he is coping with them in a much better way. He reported that due to change in weather he feels stuffy nose and after sneezing water starts coming out of his nose. He reported that he has gained weight and he is much happy to notice the change within himself.

After 6 Months and 25 Days

When he came for follow up on 10th Oct 2017, he reported that there is much improvement in his condition. There is some problem in his sleep but that is just because his child is not feeling well. Dr. Ravi suggested to focus on his weight loss because now his stomach is getting fat.

After 9 Months and 17 Days

When he came for follow up on 31st Dec 2017, there is a relief and he is trying to manage his stress and he is coping with every problem with a positivity. He is happy with the medicine transmission through hair process and his quality of life has improved with this treatment process. He is more happy and positive. He had shared his experience with many people, some of them believed and some of them don’t believe but they all want to definitely try this process which had influenced him to lead a more positive life.

After 10 Months and 16 Days

When he came for follow up on 29 Jan 2018, he reported improvement in his case and he don’t have any complaints. He is happy with the treatment process and more positive towards life.

After 3 Years , 2 Months and 15 Days

sinus-- much better then before slight corryza
cervical pain much better
no other complaints

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I feel like, it is something which no other medicine can give. It is a very personalized experience. It is to extent that you feel the changes inside you & you are the only person who can tell the change is happening. Over a period you will realize these were the symptoms which were there. Because of this treatment symptoms have gone and you are living a better life. Quality of life definitely improves. This is one way I have taken Homoeopathy. I suggested this medicine transmission through hair to many people, few of them were not able to come, some of them said that they would like to try it for sure. It is about believing or not believing. Actually, the way it is done, people think that it is not possible. I'm a kind who had been benefited by it so I'm propellent of it.

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Are You Readyto take the first step towards your cure?