Onychomycosis and Frozen Shoulder cured completely

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Disease : Onychomycosis/Felon,Chronic-Cervical Spondylosis,Chronic-Psoriasis

Last Updated on : 01 Apr 2024

Case Started on : 04 Mar 2013

Madhuri Singh came for consultation at Dr. Ravi's Balrampur clinic on 4th March 2013. She was suffering from a disease called Onychomycosis also known as tinea unguium. It is a fungal infection of nails which causes thickening and ragging of nails. The appearance of nails were totally changed and discolored. The nails were grey in color and were thick. The nails of her fingers started decaying and she can’t do her daily household work. Looking at her symptoms and considering all her problems, Dr. Ravi started her treatment process.

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After 1 Days

Introduction about the disease tinea unguium and Frozen shoulder and brief clinical history.

After 1 Year , 8 Months and 9 Days

She came for a follow up on 8th November 2014, she was happy with the treatment process. The colour and appearance of nails were back to normal. She got rid of the fungal infection and her brittleness and thickness of nails were totally gone. Only, right thumb's nail was left and looking at the improvement she believes that she will be totally cured.

After 1 Year , 11 Months and 10 Days

When she came for follow up on 7th Feb 2015, tinea unguium (fungal infection of nails) was totally cured. The right-hand thumb's nail was also cured. All the nails were back to normal colour and appearance. There was no thickness, brittleness, and ragging of nails left. She was happy with the treatment process and she was back to her normal life.

After 2 Years , 5 Months and 13 Days

She again came to consult Dr. Ravi on 14th August 2015 with the stiffness in the shoulder joints and pain in the right hand. She couldn’t lift her right hand and couldn’t move it backward. She was unable to move her left-hand backside around the waist, but she couldn’t do the same with her left hand. There was an unbearable pain in doing any work or moving her hand. Dr. Ravi diagnosed it as frozen shoulder and started her treatment process.

After 3 Years , 3 Months and 2 Days

She came for a follow up on 3rd June 2016, there was relief in her frozen shoulder. She reported that there was improvement in her condition. This time she could move her hand upward, but still there is a problem in moving her hand back side. Previously, there was an unbearable pain while moving hand but now she could even open the door by lifting her hand and she didn't feel any pain. Sometimes she even forgot that there was pain in her right hand. She was positive and hopeful that she will be totally cured and will get rid of this disease and will be back to her normal life. She continued the treatment for better recovery.

After 3 Years , 5 Months and 10 Days

She came for a follow up on 10th August 2016, there was improvement in her condition. Now, she didn’t feel pain and she could lift her hand and move it back side. Previously there was a constant pain in her hand and she couldn’t even think of lifting or moving it but now she can move her hand without feeling any pain. There was only a little bit of pain she feels while moving hand back side which she believes will be cured with the continuous treatment. There was no recurrence in her fungal infection of nails.

After 4 Years , 1 Month and 28 Days

She came for a follow up on 30th April 2017 and there was improvement in her condition. She even reported that her frozen shoulder is totally cured. She could move her hand upside and back without feeling pain. Dr. Ravi asked her to move her hand upside and backside, she showed it but Dr. Ravi observed that in comparison with the left hand, she couldn’t move her right hand. She cleared that she can move it but this is not happening this time because while sleeping last night there was muscular spasm and from that cramp, there is difficulty in moving hand although she feels that she is totally cured.

After 6 Years and 26 Days

Feeling better or almost cured in right hand, but much pain in left arm. cervical is troubling much

After 6 Years , 2 Months and 11 Days

pain in shoulder - better upto 90%
felon - not now
cervical spondylosis - better upto 95%
all complaints are better

After 6 Years , 2 Months and 29 Days

Patient-reported at Balrampur clinic, now there is no pain left hand, previously condition was so bad that she was unable to hold her newborn grandson, fearing that he will slip from hand due to pain. She has narrated that cervical spondylitis was affecting her so much that she was unable to hold household utensils in the kitchen. They frequently fell on the ground due to pain. Her Nail condition has been recorded, there was no relapse of condition since 2013. ( black mark on the nail is ink of recent assembly pole)

A Message from Patient

I was suffering from severe spondylitis, even I was not been able to move my hand. I had undergone 6 months of allopathic treatment with no response. Then I have taken treatment from Dr.Ravi and has been fully cured under his treatment, My wife has also been cured by His able hand for her Fungal nail, hence I recommend this young dynamic homeopath. Dr.J.S. Chauhan

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Are You Readyto take the first step towards your cure?