Consultation from the comfort of your home

Consultation from the comfort of your home

online consultation provides same care and services as we do in person. Due to geographical distances at times it is not possible for our clients to personally visit us. An online homeopathic consultation offers an excellent facility for those who cannot see a homeopath near home We request patients to contact us through our website first and initiate the process. Online consultation involves same set of steps that we use for consultation in person. Upon contact to us we will send basic case taking forms to be filled up by patient.

Our form details the instructions to fill up the details and how to read your sympotms. We will review the forms and contact you for more details and in person discussion for any more questions or information. A remedey tailored and appropriate for your particular issue under examination will be recommended after studying your case. Because Homeopathic medicine treats a person to address underlying causes and not just the disease, we recommend dosage and duration to take remedy before switching on next medication based on the progress. Hence a follow up client communication is always provided to ensure that treatment works and healing takes place in a complete and satisfactory manner.
Online homeopathic treatment is ideal for busy people, and avoids difficulties with childcare or parking. There is no need for you to take time off work, as the confidential form will be emailed direct to you, to complete at your convenience. You can do this at home or even at the office. Although your basic information will be on the confidential form, you may also email or phone me with any extra information, questions, or to help your consultation to be more personal. I provide full email or telephone support for 2 months, or until the next consultation if that is sooner. Anyone can use the Online Consultation, whatever your age, nationality or location. Babies and children up to 16 can have an Online Consultation if a responsible adult fills in the form; adult status will be confirmed by payment with a credit or debit card. For this reason, other payment methods will not be accepted for children’s Online Consultations.
Once a case is accepted, children can also email me extra information themselves, or phone me, if they wish. Young people 17 years and over will be treated as adults for the purposes of consultations, as they can usually easily tell me about the problems themselves. They may also be more relaxed with the online format than the adults! But they may involve an adult if they wish. This adult input can be very helpful for information about their younger years, or family background and medical history.

Your Online Consultation is entirely confidential

You may choose to involve other adults in your consultation if they can offer useful information. For example, partners can help with information about moods; parents can help with details of medical history or family background. We will need to agree in writing whether their contributions will be confidential also, or whether you prefer to know everything that is said. If I have any personal contact with a child in relation to their consultation, the level of confidentia lity will first be cleared with the responsible adult.

In other words, I will disclose the whole content of these communications to the responsible adult, unless other arrangements are specifically agreed in writing.Some adults/parents are happy for older children to communicate privately with me, but there are risks to doing this Online that are not the same as face-to-face consultations.

Your Online Homeopathic Consultation Includes:-

  • A sympathetic, in-depth health assessment of your health history.
  • An individually selected homeopathic prescription.
  • Additional detailed suggestions for your good health, such as dietary advice, vitamins or supplements.
  • Full safety information for all remedies and supplements, including drug interactions.
  • No travel or parking problems with your appointment.
  • Full telephone/email support till yr treatment will continue with us.
  • Reminder of due date for follow-up consultation, usually in 4-6 weeks.
  • Excellent value!

To provide quality online homoeopathic consultation is one of the major aims of this site and we have been working for the last many years in the direction. The idea is to provide Online Homoeopathic Consultation that is both prompt and trustworthy at the same time. And we have perfected a system of tele healing or tele – Homoeopathy which has helped us take the legendry healing powers of homoeopathy to almost every continent of Earth.

Benefits of Online Consultation at a glance


You can now avail the best of homoeopathy sitting at home wherever in the world you may be. Online Homoeopathic consultation gives you easy access to the highly specialized services of a clinic which has carved a niche in treating complicated spinal troubles, as well as other chronic and acute troubles, through classical homoeopathy.


Forget all the rumors, myths, and misconceptions you might have heard about Homoeopathic medicines being slow acting, from people without any factual knowledge about the healing powers and swiftness of homoeopathy. You can now avail our expert doctors’ services and get prompt.


The worldwide resurgence of homoeopathy is nothing but phenomenal, the only reason for such widespread surge in the popularity of this great healing science is the fact that Homoeopathic medicines, if taken properly, do not produce any side effects.


The recurrent courses of costly and potentially harmful chemical / conventional medicines, antibiotics, frequent diagnostic tests, hospitalizations etc. can leave you exhausted physically and financially; Homoeopathy, comparatively, is much more economical and as easy on your pocket as benign / (free from side effects) for your health.


The correct homoeopathic medicine, if given wisely, is perhaps the fastest and safest healing agent discovered by Man. An intensive and humane treatment by an expert homoeopath can bring you back on your feet much faster, in most cases, than in any other system of medicine.


by opting for Online Homoeopathic consultation and treatment you can free yourself from frequent hospitalization and save not only your hard earned money but also great discomfort and inconvenience. And also the potential risk of catching other infections from fellow patients in a hospital.


Once you become familiar with the great convenience and benefits of the facility of being able to contact your doctor at any time and from anywhere you’ll see how reassuring it is. You can now consult your doctor from your office sitting at your working table. Instead of taking sick- leaves and spending precious working hours in doctors’ waiting chambers.


Being in the pink of health is perhaps the greatest gift anyone can expect from God. No wonder Health is considered the ultimate Wealth. Online Homoeopathy gives you round the clock access to your doctor(s) and helps you maintain the best of health most of the times. As the proverb says ” A stitch in time saves nine!” a timely consultation and advice from an honest & capable doctor can keep your health on track and help you enjoy life as well as attain your dreams and goals by maintaining peak productivity in all you endeavors.


Our about a decade long experience of treating backache, arthritis, osteoporosis, & complicated spinal cases revealed how much suffering is caused by over drugging and the common habit of popping painkillers, and applying over the counter pain relieving gels. All these medicines benumb our nerves and sedate / blind our brain to the actual trouble by merely shrouding the symptoms, while the actual disease keeps spreading at an even faster pace unnoticed and hence unchecked by our brain & defense system.


Unlike the above mentioned conventional and widely used painkiller drugs homoeopathic medicines relieve the pain only by provoking our defense system into action and produce antibodies required to fight the actual disease and eliminate the root cause.


Another obvious benefit of Online Homoeopathic Consultation is freedom from the chore of running to the doctors / clinics and chemists. It costs only a few minutes spent on writing an e-mail, or a brief online chat.


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Are You Readyto take the first step towards your cure?

Are You Readyto take the first step towards your cure?