What classical Homeopathy can offer you

What classical Homeopathy can offer you

Classical Homoeopathy is Homeopathy offered by Great Homeopaths Like Dr.Hahnemann, Dr.Kent,Dr.Hering, Dr.Boenighausen ns stalwarts. The term CLASSICAL HOMEEOPATHY was first used by Prof George Vithoulkas for Homeopathic physcician who practice on SINGLE REMEDY prescription according to homoeopathic philosophy and INDIVIDUALISATION.replica-watches.is
In the classical Homeopathy physician finds a remedy specific FOR U rather than FOR DISEASE.

All yr symptoms, personal history, family history, mental emotional history including yr life is taken and your REMEDY is TAILORED accordingly. Dr.Ravi is the only Homeopath in Lucknow who use CLASSICAL HOMEOPATHY with SINGLE REMEDY PRESCRIPTION. (Open,written prescription )


A family means members of all age groups living together. Non – toxic and non addictive Homoeopathy is par excellence to help you face chronic problems like- Migraine, Sinusitis, Arthritis, Rheumatism, Asthma, can help CRF (Kidney failure) patients improve life & at times even quit dialysis, Hyper-acidity, Chronic constipation, IBS, Depression, Anxiety, and Insomnia, Nightmares (bad dreams).

Premonitions Or for the routine management of acute conditions like all types of fevers, diarrhea, vertigo, vomiting, rash (urticaria), harpies etc. or to eradicate the tendencies to get one or more of these troubles repeatedly and frequently.

Constitutional treatment is a term often used in Classical Homoeopathy; literal meaning of the word constitution is the construction or formation of something. Hence a constitutional treatment is supposed to treat or cure the flaws that date back to one’s formative days, i.e. childhood or even prior to that i.e. the hereditary problems or predispositions. Naturally Childhood or the formative years are the best or the most ideal stage to gain the maximum from the unfathomable potential of the benign homoeopathic medicines.


Being truly holistic,Homoeopathy considers the mental and emotional health, along with the physical, an integral part of complete or perfect health. Hence fidgety & absent minded children, or irritable & restless infants who tend to cry a lot when kept on the bed and want to be carried all the time, who pass green stools,bang their head against the floor, or bite, hit you, throw things or are too fearful, afraid of darkness, night, lonely places, dogs etc all become typical cases for us with curable symptoms. Apart from improved handwriting and eyesight children can escape the torture of surgical removal of tonsils adenoids,styes etc. and over come the embarrassing problem of bed-wetting.

Females or gyne troubles

Puberty to pregnancy to menopause, every new stage brings its own peculiar challenges and complications in a woman’s life. What is not commonly known is the beauty of homoeopathy in tackling these problems. From handling menstrual discomforts, Or PMS, to other menstrual irregularities (without using any artificial hormones and hence freedom from side effects) Poly-cystic ovaries, uterine fibroid, Unwanted hair growth or other signs of hormonal imbalance. Hot flushes, Leucorrhoea, Freckles etc. Homoeopathy, if taken and given properly and thoroughly, can avoid most of hysterectomies.

Homeopathy in cosmetic or beauty treatment-

Most obstinate Dandruff, worst kinds of Acne, Dark Circles or bags like puffiness under eyes, Eczema, Psoriasis, Alopecia, Seborrheic Dermatitis partial or offensive sweating, affections of nails etc. Uneven size of eyes, and squint in growing children, find satisfactory treatment in Homoeopathy.

Dr.Ravi is ardant follower of administering medicine through Hair, (Drug Transmission through Hair of Sahni Effect). With this method he treats the patients across the globe with this method. (read more at Drug Transmission through Hair at About Page).Distance healing or tele-healing through classical homoeopathy is a highly effective and convenient way of staying fit and keeping all or most of the diseases away.

Distance Healing-

We had started working in the field about 13 years ago when we felt that the distance from the clinics and increasing difficulties in day to day communting or travelling keep many patients from reaching the right homoeopathic clinics and often force them to give the treatment up without trying it thoroughly or to a desired length. Nor could homoeopathy be opted for routine mainetnence of health (since over the counter drugs are not supposed to be taken in classical homoeopathy and consulting a good homoeopath for every small ailment becomes highly difficult, if not impossible). And unless homoeopathy is taken as the first option and utilized to keep the health on the right track and the immunity upbeat, acute infections will catch us unawares and suppressive and palliative conventional medicines, mostly taken over the counter, will be used rampantly loading our systems with potentially harmful chemicals and the cumulating effects of these routine diseases and the various side-effects of harsh medication will keep making us sick and develop chronic diseases. So it was a better idea to Inform Dr.Ravi, he will just change yr hair to another Drugfor time being and you will be benefitted wherever u may be in world. And this is to avoid the hassel and time lag of taking an appintment with their homoeopath and comming to the clinic, at times waiting for hours in the waiting room, before they could report their ailments and get treated. (which at times would require just changing yr hair to another medicine only and which could easily be done over a phone call, an sms , Whatsapp massage or e-mail). With the rapid advances in the fild of communication tele-communication is fast becomming cheaper by the day and the future would if bright for distance healing and tele-consultation which will bring worthy homoeopaths within the reach or everyone, no matter where in the world you live.


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Are You Readyto take the first step towards your cure?

Are You Readyto take the first step towards your cure?