Medicine Energy Transmission-

What is Medicine Energy Transmission?

It’s a method of treatment where medicine is transmitted as energy using the patient’s hair.

Who invented it?

It was discovered by a well-known homeopath in India, the late Dr. B. Sahani of Patna.

How does it work?

It is just like the radio broadcast system or the Wi-Fi system. In this method of treatment, the patient does not have to take any kind of oral pills/medicine, injection or any type of ointment for whatever condition ails them. Instead, they are treated via medicine energy transmission. Basically, it is a method of healing the mind, body, and soul of a person as a whole through means of energy. Homeopathic medicines are in the form of energy, and energy can be transmitted like radio or mobile signals.

How is the medicine transmitted to my body only, not others?

Your body and hair share the same DNA. Therefore the energy transmitted through your hair can only be received by your body.

How can my hair transmit the medicine energy to my body?

Anything that has your DNA has the ability to transmit the energy back to you. Since the hair follicle at the base of human hair contains DNA, it is capable of transmitting the energy from hair back to the patient. In this method, a strand of hair is removed -- either cut or uprooted from the scalp -- and is inserted in the vial containing medicine with a little bit sticking out. That strand of hair is then able to transmit the benefits of the medicine back to the patient using energy transmission.

What was my experience with medicine energy transmission via hair?

I have been a fan of this method for a long time but was initially hesitant to offer this treatment in my practice. I was worried about how my patients might react if I told them up front about the medicine energy transmission method. However, the results were so convincing that I decided to go public with it and make it my only method of treatment. I am a strict follower of classical homeopathy and have successfully treated patients suffering from severe, acute and chronic diseases throughout India and other countries using medicine energy transmission through hair.

How is treatment done through hair from a distance?

Medicine energy transmission seems a bit like a miracle. A patient who is not local and lives far away can also be treated by the transmission of medicine energy through the patient’s hair. We use your hair as a transmitter to transmit the selected medicine energy back to your body. Since your hair carries the same DNA as your body, it forms the perfect channel for this method of treatment.

Are there any side effects?

Medicine energy transmission is a very safe and healthy method of treating the patient. There is no known harmful side effect of this method at this time.

Moreover, we physicians are bound by the oath to "do no harm," always mindful to protect our patients from harm and injustice.

What if the doctor isn't available in case of emergency?

In case of any medical emergency when doctor is not available, we advise you to go immediately to the nearest hospital and consult with the local doctor to receive basic treatment.

What happens to the detached hair once my treatment is completed?

Once your treatment is completed, your hair will either be destroyed or it will be given back to you, if you wish.

What happens if my hair ends up in the garbage?

Energy medicine cannot be transmitted via crude materials, and garbage is crude material. Homeopathic medicines are in the form of energy that flows and works with your body's own healing power to keep you healthy both physically and emotionally. In fact, even the allopathic medicine cannot be transmitted because it is a crude material. They cannot transmit the energy from one location to another.

Do I have to give my hair every time? For how many years that same hair can be used for the treatment?

No, you don't need to give your hair every time you come for the treatment. It will be collected only once. In general, a single hair can be used for 5 to 10 years.

What if doctor gives me excessive medicine?

There is no need to worry about getting excessive medicine in energy transmission. This is because homeopathy is an energy medicine; your body will receive the energy at a rate as per your body requirement.

Benefits of medicine energy transmission

• It’s a hassle free process. No oral medicine is given to the patient so you do not need to worry about taking medicine daily nor having oral medication making you feel sick.
• Distance is no barrier for the patients. You can be anywhere in the world and this method of medication will work.
• Changing medicine is very easy and the new medication effects are reflected right away.
• In case of any aggravation, simply removing the hair from vial will work, you don’t need to take any antidote.
• It is a continuous process. The patient is receiving the medication 24x7 as long as the patient’s hair is placed in the remedy solution.
• It is the quickest method of treatment and the effects are seen very fast.
• Since there is no oral intake of medicine, this method can be used in religious fasting like Vrat and Ramjan without breaking or hurting the religious sentiments of the patient.

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